Lockwood Peppermill
Lockwood Peppermill
Lockwood Hennes Finest IMM Passagen
Lockwood Hennes Finest IMM Passagen

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An adaptation of the typical pepper mill, turned upside down: it cleans up the kitchen by preventing lost grindings from spilling. The top cap functions as a cover, and also, when turned, adjusts the coarseness of the grind. Milled spice flows out from the sides.

When not in use, the pillar like shape adorns any table or countertop as a primitive and attractive form.

Cast by hand in bio resin, each mill contains its own subtle nuances and unique differences due to the mixing of various pigments, which makes them all one-of-a-kind.

The mill is made from a synthetic stone-like material using an environmentally friendly gypsum and acrylic based composite resin as an alternative to marble quarrying. Hand cast in limited batches, and assembled with a custom designed precision grinding mechanism, made in Switzerland.

Designed by Simon & Stefanie Lockwood. Planned for spring 2015.

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ox-blood red
or moss green

Gypsum/acrylic hybrid
(bio resin)
Stainless steel millwork

Ø 7/8 cm x 18 cm

Lockwood Hennes Finest IMM Passagen

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