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Lockwood Hennes Finest IMM Passagen
Lockwood Hennes Finest IMM Passagen

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LOCKWOOD at Hennes' Finest

LOCKWOOD presents pepper mill prototype and Eclipse pendant lamps at PASSAGEN – Interior Design Week Köln.

A special collaboration in a unique location: LOCKWOOD teams up with the pepper boutique, Hennes’ Finest in the Design Quarter Ehrenfeld. The design studio has completely transformed the shop into an exhibition space, bringing the smells and feel of the forest floor inside. With the soft feel of bark under foot, and the smell and taste of aromatic pepper, the visceral experience invites visitors to explore more.

LOCKWOOD is showing their development of a new pepper mill, with cast samples of the soft, stone-like material, to hold in the hand.

“We see products as sculptures, but with a pure and clear purpose. The pepper mill is a precision grinding device, and is also reminiscent of an ancient vessel or just a simple form that wants to be held in the hand.”

Also from LOCKWOOD are the popularly acclaimed Eclipse pendant lamps, giving a warm and inviting feel, completing the installation.

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19-25 January 2015
12-20 h

Hennes’ Finest
Stammstraße 13
50823 Köln

Thursday 18 h

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