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LOCKWOOD combines notions of modernist design with digital production and handcraft. Taking inspiration from traditional craftsmanship, science and contemporary art, the studio brings together materials, processes and manufacturing specialists to find new ways of production and form giving. The emphasis is on developing high quality products, from responsible material sources and production methods.

Examples of the studio’s work ranges from laser cut, fine wooden lamps that are hand assembled and finished, to CNC cut metal components and custom electronics for a sculptural lighting installation (of hand worked and polished steel and neon rings). Additive manufacturing for prototype production is another expertise, and has been used for mold development for hand casting of synthetic stone.

LOCKWOOD was established in 2012 by Canadian designer Simon Lockwood in Berlin, Germany with his wife Stefanie Lockwood joining in 2014. The couple now works together on their expanding product range that aims to continue to embrace the core values of lasting beauty, purity of purpose, and loyalty of time.

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Established in 2012 in Berlin

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