Ad Infinitum

Lockwood Ad Infinitum chandelier

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Ad Infinitum is a contemporary take on the traditional chandelier. It is a tongue in cheek commentary on the opulence and pompousness of luxury: punk post-modern meets Louis XIV. Raw and plain materials are used in an unadulterated way to celebrate the pure luminaire in the twilight of the era of the light bulb.

The chandelier is a light installation designed for grand entrances, exclusive dining halls and restaurants. It consists of a large, polished stainless steel ring with 12 circular fluorescent lights simply hanging as rings. A mirror polished, stainless-steel ceiling cover reflects the silicon and textile cables. It gives the feeling that the wires come from some imaginary space far above.

After the death of the light bulb, this chandelier is a homage to industrial design of the days before the coming age of the LED.

Measuring at 1,7m in diameter, the light installation is height adjustable from 1,0 to 1,8m in height.

It incorporates 100% electronic dimming and is DALI ready making it easy for integration to existing hotel, restaurant and home lighting control systems.

Designed by Simon Lockwood with electronics and development by Beniamin Gotfryd, 2014. Produced by LuxInstruments.

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Stainless steel

Stainless steel
Mirror-polished steel
Osram T9 400 K 32 W
Electronic dimmer drivers
(DALI ready)

Ø 1,70 m x 1,00 m – 2,00 m (adjustable)

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